Leeker's Valley Center

  • 801 S. Meridian, Valley Center,
    KS  67147
  • Phone: (316) 755-2777
  • Store Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • Pharmacy Dept
    • Pharmacy Hours:
      9am to 7pm Mon - Friday
    • Saturday Hours: 9am to 3pm
    • Closed Sunday
    • Phone: 755-0191
    • Emergency Number:

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Leeker's Park City

  • 6223 N. Broadway, Wichita,
    KS  67219
  • Phone: (316) 744-1223
  • Store Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • Pharmacy Dept
    • Pharmacy Hours:
      9am to 7pm Mon - Friday
    • Saturday Hours: 9am to 3pm
    • Sunday Hours: 12pm to 5pm
    • Phone: 744-3948

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Leeker's Floral Department



Greeting CardsGreeting Cards for $1.00 or less!

Add a greeting card to your floral gift for a dollar or less.

Greeting cards are more than a Holiday item. A greeting card is an excellent way to say "thank You" for a job well done or a special favor.

If you are a boss greeting cards are excellent motivational tools for your employees.

Business people often find that a greeting card is a great way to say thank you to customers or as a way to say sorry when they missed the mark.


At $1.00 or less greeting cards from Leeker's are an excellent buy.


Click Here to Learn more about the tradition of giving flowers.

Enjoy beautifully fresh everyday low prices on everything in our Floral Department!


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Visit LeekersFloral.com

Flowers Cash and Carry

Visit the Full Service Floral Counter

Available at the Park City Leekers location

Our talented floral staff specializes in:
Wedding Floral Arrangements * Funeral Floral Arrangements * Special Events

Cash and Carry Bouqets are available NOW at Leekers!

Our beautiful designs are made fresh and on site.

Delivery services are available.
Teleflora Services Available
Call direct at  316-744-3021

 Cash & Carry Bouquets Available NOW in Valley Center and Park City

Flowers Cash and Carry

The History of Giving Flowers

Flowers - RosesGiving flowers is perhaps the best way to express emotion and caring. Flowers and floral arrangements have acted as great gifts for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. They are also an excellent way to convey the warmest congratulations, of making apologies or to help cheer.

According to archaeologists flowers have always had an important role in ancient Rome and Egypt and in the civilizations of ancient Greece and China. These cultures believed that emotions could find their most suitable expression through the giving of flowers.

The tradition continued on into Middle Ages where France and England played significant roles in maintaining and upholding this tradition. When we give meaning to each flower, we are echoing an old Turkish custom believed to have been brought into Europe by the French and the British.

The Victorians also indulged themselves with this custom. As we know Victorians today they never expressed their feelings outwardly and thus the custom of gifting flowers or bouquets was considered an excellent means to convey emotions without discussing them.

The Victorians developed several rules for giving flowers or bouquets. For example, if you purchased a bouquet of red roses from the florist and presented them to someone upside down they would not be pleased. Red roses can depict anger if presented upside down. These rules were popular during this time that several books about the language of flowers were widely read.

Giving flowers has come down through the centuries, and people across the world indulge in the act of gifting flowers to convey their feelings. Many flowers themselves are picked for the meaning that they convey. For example, red roses are believed to express love while lilies symbolize purity and elegance. A yellow rose is seen as a sign of friendship and sorrow is best demonstrated by a lone marigold.


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