Leeker's Valley Center

  • 801 S. Meridian, Valley Center,
    KS  67147
  • Phone: (316) 755-2777
  • Store Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • Pharmacy Dept
    • Pharmacy Hours:
      9am to 7pm Mon - Friday
    • Saturday Hours: 9am to 3pm
    • Closed Sunday
    • Phone: 755-0191
    • Emergency Number:

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Leeker's Park City

  • 6223 N. Broadway, Wichita,
    KS  67219
  • Phone: (316) 744-1223
  • Store Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • Pharmacy Dept
    • Pharmacy Hours:
      9am to 7pm Mon - Friday
    • Saturday Hours: 9am to 3pm
    • Sunday Hours: 12pm to 5pm
    • Phone: 744-3948

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Movie Rentals
Video Rental
Park City location

New Video Releases

  All the latest new releases and catalog titles

** Videos available at Park City location Only **

Video Rental Box

Leeker's Park City Video Rental

The next time you are in the Park City Leeker's Family food be sure to visit the new Video Rental Station which is currently located next to the customer service area.

The new video rental box has all the latest releases and other video favorites. The video rental process is simple and only $1.00.

While you are picking up your video be sure to pick up a Leeker's ad and make it a movie night.




One stop shopping for your evening entertainment:

        • Movie Rental

        • Food

        • Snacks


Visit the Leekers Store Online at      WWW.LEEKERS.MYVIDEOSTORE.COM

Family Movie Night

A successful family movie night should be a special event that involves all the family.

Family experts suggest that you set a movie start time and take care of all chores before the  movie starts. This time should be a family together time and you can’t be together when you have the distraction of chores and other household tasks. Help set the mood by darkening the room and make sure the temperature is comfy for floor seating.

Another suggestion is to turn off the cell phones and house phone ringer. This helps focus attention on the movie and the special family time.

Movie Night Food Ideas

Movie snacks are a lot cheaper at home and they can be healthier too. You can drop by our deli for some great deli meats for snacks or get a box of chicken for snacking.  If you want to try something different check out our recipes section for fun food trays.




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